How to understand art, interior design, architecture. Introduction

Theoretical part of the course is covered in three articles published on website “Namu dizainas”. There are described practical exercises, how to do it and what results you could achieve.

It is an active meditation on a selected object, in fact. Object of observation can be a piece of art or any other object (it is easier with a piece of art, because artists usually want or seek „to put” ideas into their works). Meditation or observation process as it is:

key light

1 ) to split observed object to the most minute particles in your thoughts,

2 ) to achieve levels of emotions and feelings about object,

3 ) to get to levels of the thoughts and concepts beyond the object.

What is a goal of the course?

The course will provide you with a basics of observation or meditation. Adapting acquired skills and practising in a daily life you will be able to “read” works of art, architecture, interiors. You will feel emotions „about” that object and discover ideas ‘floating’ unexpected around you. Ability to understand will not be limited only to the works of art. Gradually, you will be able to discover subjective reality in various other spheres of life. You will be able to look and see.

Investigate and uncover your abilities – read what is unreadable, see what is invisible, hear what is inaudible…

If to come closer to practical application of ideas – between the ability to understand and the ability to create a piece of art is only one step. Thus, understanding of the ideas set out in these articles will help you easier:

  • to choose which color to paint the walls or ceiling,
  • decide what lighting fixture or piece of furniture will suit your room best
  • and generally to beautify your home or office.

Let`s start it.

“How to interpret works of art, interior design, architecture, Part 1″,

“How to interpret works of art, interior design, architecture, Part 2″,

“How to interpret works of art, interior design, architecture, Part 3″.

Practice ideas and polish your skills what will make your emotions more ‘fluid’, your mind more sharp and improve you in a different and unexpected ways! Improve or recover your ability to look, see and create, whatever it will be!